[WP] [6/8/17] You’re the most successful exorcist in the world, getting dozens of calls everyday. Your secret? You made a deal with the demon possessing you to weed out the competition

The priest put down the phone, hastily scribbling down the address the near incoherent lady had managed to weep out.

He wasn’t really a priest, hell he’d never even gone to church as a kid, but that’s what he was known as now. The priest.

He certainly dressed his part. As he fixed his collar and the small crucifix around his neck, his reflection in the mirror smirked back at him.

“Ready?”, it rasped.

“You don’t want to know who that was ?”, the priest replied nonchalantly, grabbing his hip flask off the dresser.

” A client ? Who else. And you should really stop drinking that filth”, his reflection complained, it’s eyes narrowing.

“Not just ANY client, that call was from Jordan Rivers’ house”

“Jordan Rivers ? The movie star”.

The priest could see the unholy gleam in his reflection’s eyes. Even after all this time, he felt a chill run down his spine.

He took a long swig from the flask. His reflection stood still, staring at him, arms crossed.

“Yes the movie star. This is going to be a hell of a payday. You better bring your A game”, the priest laughed a fake laugh, trying to cover his fear.

It still unnerved him sometimes, to be sharing his body with a demon. Sure, the demon had brought him fame and money and probably saved his life but every now and then he could feel his life spiraling out of control, in the hands of an unholy abomination from hell who could easily end him if it chose to.

“As long as you don’t spend all that movie star money on the poison you pump into your blood”, his reflection snarled, ending the conversation,” Let’s not keep Mr. Rivers waiting”.





Jordan Rivers was tied to a chair in his basement, his friends and family huddled in a corner as far away from him as possible. His handsome face that studios banked their movies on, distorted in hideous demonic rage.

The priest drew a pentagram on the floor and lit the candles placed carefully in a circle all around him. It was mainly for effect, to impress the client. He didn’t really need any of it to do what he did.

All he needed was inside him. All he needed was to let loose his demon.

“Here you go”, he whispered underneath his breath.

The demon inside him surfaced and started chanting ancient mantras. Old forgotten texts he had never read flew through his head as the demon performed the exorcism. Each word seemed to slap back against Jordan Rivers’ straining body, still bound to the chair. The floor beneath trembled and the possessed movie star howled in pain and anger like a feral beast.

The Priest had done this countless times before, he would feel the demon’s power all around him, flowing through his veins, fighting the entity in the possessed,pulling it out, striking it down. But something was off today, he could feel the power pouring out of him, like someone had opened the floodgates of demonic power inside him. He felt it all rush out and fell back, weak and exhausted.

Suddenly it stopped.

“Wh..what”, he stuttered as he stumbled back.

Jordan Rivers looked up. The Priest could see an all too familiar gleam in the movie star’s eyes, and he realised what had just happened.

“C’mon, you knew it was coming”, Rivers drawled,” I couldn’t stay bound to your puny self while you poisoned yourself and brought me closer to hell than I have been in centuries.”

“It was time for an upgrade.”

“But we had a deal”, the Priest whimpered, now on all fours on the floor, feeling the whiskey he had poured back a few hours ago hit his head.

” And I made a new one. Turns out Mr. Rivers would do anything to get rid of that pesky demon. Even make a deal with another one”.

Jordan Rivers threw back his head and laughed.

“And what about me, what do I do now”, asked the Priest, feeling years of abuse hitting his body in waves of pain.

“You are free. Get your act together and maybe you will live to see my next movie. Consider it an act of clemency, we were partners after all”.

“And you ? What will you do now, you need me”. It was a final desperate plea, the Priest already knew it was over.

“Me ?”, laughed Jordan Rivers,” I’m signed up for a few sequels I hear. They tell me it’s great money.”

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